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With our leadership, innovation and professional services, our company anticipates very effective and distinguished contributions in providing creative solutions in the packaging industry or substitute the traditional and other ways of different use of the cardboards.

  • Our company is distinguished with the variety of products.
  • Our employees are well trained to produce the highest quality within the least amount of time
  • Our clients can always depend on us for our innovation and creativity in the packaging field.


For the company to be the leader in exporting the corrugated cardboard, providing unconventional packaging solutions, with the innovative products for the different Cardboard uses for our quality clients and excellence are the main goals for our company. Supported by our commitment to keep our products in high quality, our time commitment, the quantities and the satisfactory follow-up with our client in the Egyptian market and the Middle East market.

  • Our products are in constant development, thanks to our research and developing team.
  • research and developing team. They test and develop our products continuously in every way possible
  • Random samples are taken from the Rolls to confirm the right gram for the needed material.

about us

PackTech has investments of over 100 million pounds, and a productivity capacity of 24 thousand tons annually. The goal of this capacity is to export at least 12 thousand tons annually to the exporting market such as (The European Union, America & Japan) through some of the biggest clients such as IKEA, the huge industrials of the Auto electrical braids & the biggest industrials of the food industry in Egypt.

  • The Export value goal is 12 Million dollars per year at least.
  • PackTech works directly with about 300 workers in addition to 600
  • indirect workers, and all are qualified in terms of

PackTech machine is a new brand established in Egypt on 2020, We are a subsidiary company of EL SHOHAIL a 30 years of experience in KSA.